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Our Local Governing Committee welcomes you to Auriol Junior School.

Governance plays a key role in shaping the strategic direction of the school and challenging the school leaders to make sure every child achieves their very best. Bourne Education Trust delegates the majority of powers and responsibilities to the local governing board under the BET Scheme of Delegation.

Our local governing committee is made up of 8 members;

  •  1 x ex-officio - Headteacher 
  •  2 x parent governor
  •  5 x co-opted governors

We all share the same vision for our children and school and the commitment to achieve it.  We aim for Auriol to be a centre of excellence in all aspects of learning and teaching, where children are enabled to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

Our school is a successful and happy place, where everyone is an active learner.  The atmosphere is positive, encouraging and stimulating; we balance academic focus with broader social, physical and creative activity.

Governors Work

School governors make collective decisions, the main aim of which is to 'help raise the educational standards and performance of the school by supporting the work of the headteacher and staff'.  Governors make important decisions on how the school is and will be run, but don't get involved in the day-to-day business of the school - this is the work of the headteacher, leadership team and the staff.

The 3 key functions of governance are;

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Local Governing Committee meetings are held at the school.  Meeting dates for this academic year are; 10th September 2019, 19th November 2019, 14th January 2020, 9th March 2020, 19th May 2020, 16th July 2020.

Should you wish to contact the Local Governing Committee, you can do so directly via the school (please address your letter to the Chair of Governors) or via the email address.

Our clerk to governors is Lisa Gazzard, 

To contact our chair of governors, please email  All written communications can be sent to our chair via the clerk.


What is a Governor?

Governors are part of the biggest volunteer force in the UK - there are 300,000 of us! So what do we get out of it and what difference does it make to you and your children?  Read our profiles to find out why we do it!

Education policy never seems to stand still, but government is very clear about the role governors are expected to play and the professionalism and strategic clarity they must demonstrate to get the job done.  Governors are now rigorously assessed as part of the Leadership and Management judgement in an Ofsted inspection and are expected to work to a competency framework.  Auriol governors regularly evaluate our work against these competencies to help ensure we are meeting our core functions.  From time to time, we ask all members of the governing board to take part in a skills audit and we also take part in external reviews of governance.  This helps us to maintain a board that meets legal, Trust and best practice requirements and is also in line with the needs of Auriol.

Ultimately, we hold the children at the centre of everything and we constantly aim for the best possible impact on them.  Being a governor can be a very rewarding role.

How to become a Governor

If you think you would be interested in becoming a school governor, please enquire at the school office, or contact us at  

  • You can contact a local school to ask if they need a new governor.
  • You can contact the School Governors' One Stop Shop, which recruits Governors nationally.
  • You can contact your local council.