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Hearing impaired 

Hearing Impaired learning

Equal Access

Our aim is that all the hearing-impaired children should be fully included in both the academic and social life of the school. The children have equal access to a broad mainstream curriculum and learning through the use of radio aids.

The day may be spent learning alongside their mainstream peers with in-class support or small/individual group sessions, depending upon their individual needs.  At Auriol, the children are taught in acoustically treated classrooms with sound-field systems.

The Specialist Centre for Hearing Impairment

We are very proud of The Specialist Centre for Hearing Impairment here at Auriol. We currently have 14 children on roll, four of whom have multi-sensory impairments. Our children use the oral approach for communication and wear post aural hearing aids or cochlear implants. In order to achieve the optimum listening environment, all of our classrooms are acoustically treated to minimise reverberation and resonance (including carpets, blinds, low ceiling tiles) and are fitted with Sound field Systems (surround sound amplification). In addition to this, all the children wear radio aid systems in order to improve their access to the input and minimise background noise.

Our pupils are fully included into school life. They are supported in class by an experienced team of LSAs in order to facilitate access to the curriculum. Qualified Teachers of the Deaf also support in class in addition to delivering 1:1 and small group teaching within the Specialist Centre. We work closely with the on-site specialist Speech & Language Therapists, and receive regular support from an Educational Audiologist and an Audiology Technician.