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"Auriol Junior continues to be a good school"

"Pupils are proud to attend this caring and inclusive school. They like their teachers and feel safe. Staff have high aspirations for all pupils to achieve personal and academic success. Teachers expect pupils to work hard. Pupils respond very well to this. They enjoy their lessons, are eager to learn and they achieve well."

"Pupils are polite. They listen attentively to teachers and to each other. Pupils appreciate the encouragement their teachers give to help them express their views. Pupils grow in confidence as they move through the school. They contribute well to their community, for example by being playground ‘buddies’ and activity ‘leaders’. Pupils insist that bullying is rare. Should it occur, they trust the adults to sort it out."

"During the inspection, pupils brimmed with excitement. Half of them spent a day performing at the town’s professional theatre. Pupils showcased the talents they had practised in their performing arts clubs. Pupils benefit from these and other after school activities to extend pupils’ interests. Pupils are very positive about their school. However, some parents feel that their concerns are not addressed. Leaders are taking helpful steps to improve communication between home and school."

- Ofsted Report 2020.

Please see full Ofsted report below.