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Our Intent

Our curriculum provides all children with the opportunity to explore a series of precisely planned, sequenced and interconnected moments to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for their next steps.

Towards clear destinations, our children will explore what it is to learn and grow while gaining a deep understanding in all subjects. We achieve this through deliberate low stakes opportunities to recall their learning intertwined into our teaching.   

At Auriol, we understand the importance of building children’s vocabulary, the pivotal role it plays in unlocking access to the whole curriculum, and we strive to ensure that all children have a chance to experience rich and diverse language.

Challenge - Inspire - Prepare


Challenge : Develop the skills, knowledge of materials and appreciation of different artists we can then give them the freedom to explore their own ideas. Children can produce art confidently in the knowledge that there is no right or wrong and that making mistakes is an important part of the creative process.

Inspire : Fire their imagination as a fundamental means of personal expression and develop a love of the creative arts.

Prepare : Create a unique creative handwriting, a resilient attitude and a confidence in both art and DT which they can carry through to secondary school and beyond.


Challenge: Use a wide range of software for various purposes to build their experiences of computational thinking as they progress through the school, using problem solving, logical thinking and creativity.

Inspire : To become the world’s future problem solvers and digital thinkers  that use technology safely, responsibly and effectively in a rapidly changing, technology dominant world.

Prepare : Equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding that they need in order to succeed in a constantly changing digital world.


Challenge: Develop the skills and knowledge so that they can participate, converse and communicate in other languages.

Inspire: Ensure that our children have a love of languages and to become curious and respectful of the world around them.

Prepare: Enable children to develop the skills and confidence to consider themselves as ‘World Citizens’ who belong in a multicultural, mutually respectful world.


Challenge: Build a thorough knowledge of different continents and countries, exploring the similarities and differences that grow an understanding that the world is a varied and ever-changing place.

Inspire: Ensure our children want to find out more about the ever-changing world and its people through discussion and an up-to-date awareness of the world around them.

Prepare: Opportunities such as field work and computer mapping enable children to develop skills for them to utilise in their future education and the outside world.


Challenge: We create an extensive knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past; how and why some things change and some remain the same, why events take place and the outcomes that follow. Children learn new skills to help them investigate history and enquire about past events and people.

Inspire: A passion and curiosity to know more about the past and the complexity of people’s lives, and to recognise and understand that there are similarities, differences and connections between eras

Prepare: Our curriculum equips pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement to carry forward to their next stage of learning and the wider world.


Challenge:  We encourage a culture of experimenting with concrete resources, pictorially and abstractly in a supportive yet challenging classroom. Children should be able to make rich connections across ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and the ability to solve increasingly sophisticated problems.

Inspire: We give our children the freedom and confidence to explore their own ideas and methods in the safety of a supportive learning environment to create an enjoyment of the subject.

Prepare:  We embed fluency and accuracy in arithmetic to equip children for mental calculations in the real world. Auriol children will be able to transfer and apply their mathematical knowledge to other subject areas and real life contexts, preparing them for their next steps.


Challenge: Through the Musical School programme, ‘Charanga’ the children develop their musical appreciation and aural memory.  They are able to express themselves physically and emotionally whilst composing their own musical ideas.

Inspire: Music lessons increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement through a high quality music education that engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music and nurture their talent as musicians.

Prepare: Auriol prides themselves on their performing arts and all children have the opportunity to perform on stage to an audience, which aims to develop their confidence and resilience, showcase their talents and open up new avenues and aspirations.


Challenge:   Through six key areas - adventurous activity, athletics, dance, games, gymnastics and swimming - we teach skills that challenge pupils to develop their health, fitness, wellbeing and performance.

Inspire: Pupils learn a variety of physical, social and cognitive skills across a range of sports that we believe will motivate them to develop a lifelong positive attitude to health and fitness.

Prepare: We strongly believe in developing the whole child and feel that their understanding of an active, healthy lifestyle and embedded physical skills prepare our children for future learning and life.


Challenge: Our SCARF curriculum supports and challenges children towards an understanding how they are developing personally and socially, and tackles many of the moral, social and cultural issues whilst respecting themselves and others.

Inspire: Children are encouraged to develop a sense of self-belief to become emotionally literate so that they are mature, sensitive young people who play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community. We hope to inspire them through active opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society.

Prepare: We enable our children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society who value themselves and others.


Challenge : Through challenging and engaging class texts, deep questioning and carefully selected individual books, we ensure a high level of challenge for all readers.

Inspire : Using a mixture of texts, films and visuals that inspire and scaffold our readers we develop a school wide love and  a confidence in reading both individually and across the wider curriculum.

Prepare : We teach explicit comprehension strategies and skills so that children acquire reading skills that prepare them for life and future learning.


Challenge: Our broad curriculum promotes spiritual, moral, cultural development, opportunities for discussion, debate that stretch thinking and a rich understanding of different religions.

Inspire: Our schools provides a wide range of opportunities, including first hand experiences, to encourage children to create unity and reflect on and learn from the faiths and beliefs of those around them.

Prepare: We develop our pupils thinking around religion and faith to encourage tolerance, mutual respect and an understanding of each other so that they become thoughtful citizens.


Challenge: Our science curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that a breadth of skills and knowledge are embedded into long term memory. The use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills are fostered through stimulating exploration and scientific investigation.

Inspire: We seek to foster a curiosity that builds a sense of understanding about the world around us, that empowers our children today and in the future.  

Prepare: Relevant cross-curricular links with Mathematics, English and Geography provide a real-life context to our curriculum that prepare children for the application of science in their future lives.


Challenge: We seek to offer opportunities within all lessons, particularly PSHE and RE, as well as assemblies, trips, visitors and themed days and weeks that challenge our children’s thinking.

Inspire: Auriol we believe in developing the whole child and that this plays a critical role in how well they can learn and achieve. As such, we aim to provide opportunities that enable children to explore and develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally.

Prepare: Our pupils leave with a secure belief in what is right or wrong, tolerance and respect for other people’s feelings, values, cultures and beliefs as well as an understanding of their own, and an awareness of their role in society.


Challenge: Children learn, apply and embed key skills suited to a particular purpose through a purpose driven curriculum that helps them to retain their knowledge and skills as a writer.

Inspire: Using a cross curricular approach, pupils are inspired to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences whilst developing the powers of imagination and inventiveness

Prepare: We promote the development of a growing vocabulary and provide a rich and stimulating language environment, which equips them with the knowledge and skills to go on to achieve greatness.