Performing Arts

At Auriol Junior School, we believe in nurturing the diverse talents and passions that reside within our children. Fully embracing the performing arts not only provides opportunities for children to celebrate and showcase artistic skills, it helps create the school environment we are proud of! 

Through our range of events, we foster teamwork, resilience and the confidence to face challenges head on. Through collaborative projects and group performances, children learn the importance of working together towards a common goal. Diversity is celebrated with the rich tapestry of of talents and backgrounds in our school and we ensure that every child, regardless of their background of experience, has the opportunity to participate and flourish. 

Spring Playhouse 

Every year, children work hard to prepare for the spring playhouse performance, a dazzling show full of dancing, acting, singing, signing and musical talent! All children who participate in the show partake in a range of clubs (some open invite and others require audition), practising their act for months leading to the final showcase. We encourage all children to participate as this really is a magical experience with the opportunity to perform on stage at the local theatre in Epsom! 

Performance Poetry Week

Every year, we host an exciting competition across the school. Each class enters a performance poem they have been working hard to perfect and we invite guest judges to select their final winner based on performance criteria! This event usually takes place in autumn and there is a national theme every year, so keep your eyes peeled for the updates in our school newsletter. 

Year 6 End of Year Production

Our final opportunity for Auriol children, giving them the best send off before heading to their new schools. Children in Year 6 audition each year for a part in their final production and head off to the local theatre for one last time to showcase their talent. A production is carefully selected each year, ranging from pirate adventures to superheroes saving the day, from neanderthals exploring the world to the tales of William Shakespeare. What will the next production be...? 

Summer Fair Performances 

At our annual school fair, a range of performances are shared with our community. Gymnastics and dance routines wow our crowds and our school choir provide a beautiful ambience amongst the many fundraising events taking place on the day. Many of our children take part in externally provided clubs and these also have the opportunity to showcase their talents on this day. 


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