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Welcome to the world of school clubs at Auriol Junior School!

We believe that education goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. That's why we are delighted to present our diverse range of school clubs, each designed to enrich the lives of our students through meaningful experiences that foster physical, mental, and social development.

Our commitment to providing a holistic education extends to the array of clubs we offer. These extracurricular activities are not just about learning new skills; they are about creating spaces where children can explore their passions, build lasting friendships, and discover their strengths in a supportive environment.

Physical wellbeing is a cornerstone of our philosophy and our sports clubs are tailored to develop not only athletic skills but also teamwork, resilience, and a love for a healthy lifestyle. From football to gymnastics, we offer a variety of options to suit every interest and ability.

Mental well-being is equally important, and our academic and creative clubs provide avenues for intellectual growth and self-expression. Whether your child has a flair for coding, a love for literature, or an interest in drama, our clubs are designed to nurture their talents and expand their horizons.

Social development is at the heart of our club offerings. Through collaborative projects and shared experiences, our clubs create opportunities for children to build friendships, develop communication skills, and cultivate a sense of belonging within our school community.

Furthermore, we take pride in providing competitive and representative opportunities for our students, allowing them to showcase their talents and represent our school with pride. These experiences not only instil a sense of achievement but also contribute to the development of important life skills such as leadership, sportsmanship, and resilience. Naturally, competitive events provide children with not only opportunities to experience success but also failure, and we use every outcome to develop resilience and persistence in the face of adversity.  

We look forward to witnessing the incredible growth and achievements that will undoubtedly emerge from our clubs and opportunities to represent Auriol Junior School.


There are currently no teacher led clubs (except Choir)

Club Year Group(s) Day and Time Staff Member

Externally Provided Clubs

In addition to the clubs delivered by teachers, we invite a range of external providers to expand our clubs offer even further! Below you will find a full list of additional clubs available and if your child is interested in any of these, please contact them directly using the details provided. 

Club Year Group Day and Time Contact Details
Chess All Mon 3.10pm-4.10pm 0208 642 5239
Code Camp (Computing) All Tues Yrs 3&4, Thurs Yrs 5&6 3.10pm-4.10pm (yrs 3&4) or (yrs 5&6)

After-School Programs (

Football (NS Sport)  Year 5 & 6 Boys Monday 3:10pm-4:10pm 07935 220 924 
Dodgeball (NS Sport) All Weds 3.10pm-4.10pm "

Football (NS Sport) 

Year 3 - 6 Girls

Thursday 3:10pm-4:10pm


Multi-Sports (NS Sport) Year 3 - 6 Boys and Girls Friday 3:10pm-4:10pm "
Netball All   Invite Only
Pipsqueaks (Performing Arts) All Tues 3.10pm-4.10pm

07808 921 113

Music, Drama & Dance Classes for Kids in Surrey (        

Tae Kwon-Do All Mon 3.10pm-4.10pm

07553 065 214

London-TKD | School Clubs

Open 2 Music All Tues/Thurs/Fri during school hours 





Below are various clubs open to the public


Dance : Various evenings

Starstruck is a fun and friendly local dance school offering Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Street Dance,  Musical Theatre and Vocal Training classes to children of all ages. Also providing Adult Tap and Modern classes. Lots of performing opportunities available.   Please contact Laura on 07834698704 /


Monday Early Evening:

Pilates class suitable for beginners and intermediate participants. Pilates helps to mobilise, strengthen and stretch but also relax and reset the mind. Small class format. For more information or to sign up please contact:


NEAT Holiday Camp:

NEAT –  Please Contact or call 07776749829







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