Medical Conditions & Medicine Administration



This form should be filled in if your child is in need of treatment for their allergies, also a copy from either the consultant/hospital to clarify their allergies/treatments.  Medication should be provided along with the care plan and handed into the office.

If your child's allergy if food related you will also need to complete a Special Dietary Requirement form which is available within the Parents/Lunch section on this website.  We hold emergency auto-injectors in the medical room at all times.

All epi pens/auto-injectors are kept in class and are easily accessible.


CARE PLAN (Long term medical condition with or without medication)

Should your child have to take long term medication to relieve symptoms or has a long term condition you will need to fill in a care plan form.  This will be annually reviewed with a staff member should there be any changes or updates to your child's condition.  Please complete a care plan form if your child has a life long medical condition that we should be aware of but has no treatment needed in school, so that it is recorded on our data system.

If your child need’s an intimate care plan you may be asked to come into see the Inclusion Lead to discuss further.  Please also see our Intimate Care Plan Policy on our website.

Please complete the Care Plan form found on this page and hand this into the office along with medication (if they need to take within school hours). Care Plans also need to be completed even if your child is taking medication outside of school hours.  This must be signed by the parent. Please see link below for relevant form.

Medication such as antihistamines, ADHD medication etc…. also fall into this category.   All medication dosages are recorded.

Food allergies – if your child has a life threatening food allergy you must visit the Parents/Lunches section on our website and follow the procedure for pupils with Special Dietary Requirements.  Twelve/15 may also ask you to come into the school to discuss your child’s dietary requirements with the Catering Manager and Inclusion Lead.



You will need to fill in an Asthma Care Plan Form and hand this into the office along with any medication.  This must be signed by the parent.  Medication will be kept in class. Please make sure all preventer inhalers (brown) are administered at home.  As we record all medication administration, if your child has to use their inhaler for more than 3 episodes in one week we will contact you. If your child's asthma has a significant impact on the school day we may ask you to speak to your GP/health care provider or the school nurse to review your child's care plan.  All inhalers are kept in class and are easily accessible. Spacers should be provided alongside your child's inhaler.  We recommend your child is shown how to use their inhaler as soon as you think they are responsible enough.  We hold emergency inhalers in the medical room at all times.



This would include medication such as antibiotics, eye drops etc... (in a sealed original prescribed medicine bottle/box), Paracetamol capsules/melts or an unopened bottle of Calpol.  Please note we do not administer Ibruprofen on the school premises.

You will need to fill in a Short Term Medication Form and hand this into the office. This must be signed by the parent.  Please see link below for relevant form.

We recommend that you give your child the majority of these meds at home due to the fact that our school should only be responsible for administering one dose of short term medication.  However, we know that sometimes this is impossible so we can be flexible in extreme circumstances in agreement with the class teacher/support staff. 

If your child’s antibiotics need to be kept in a fridge then please bring in the relevant form and unopened medication (with dispensing label) to Reception.



  • Do not send your child in with tablets/melts to take themselves.  Please follow the above procedures.
  • It is the parents responsibility to make sure all medication is within the expiry date.  Please check in with your class teacher. 
  • Please collect all medication bottles/packets once course has been completed.


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