Curriculum Overview

Challenge - Inspire – Prepare

Curriculum Intent

At Auriol Junior School, our curriculum intent is rooted in inspiring a lifelong love of learning, cultivating essential skills and knowledge, ensuring our pupils achieve beyond their perceived limits. We are committed to nurturing confident, compassionate, and responsible individuals who are well-prepared for the challenges of a changing world.

Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to foster academic, social, and personal growth. We set ambitious goals for all, promoting resilience and the ability to learn from both success and failure. 

We believe in a progressive and interconnected learning journey which encourages exploration, critical thinking and problem-solving. We celebrate diversity and embrace community opportunities, preparing our pupils to make positive contributions to both local and wider society.

Please use the left-hand side pannel to find our more about our curriculum offer in each year group and subject.

You can also refer to our Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Assessment Policy here:Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Assessment Policy 


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