Trips & Visits

Day Trips & Visitors

We believe that it is important for children to consolidate their learning by visiting places of interest or by listening to people with different experiences and knowledge about specific areas. This hands on experience allows our children to immerse themselves in their topics and ask though provoking questions. We cannot wait for the children to be able to experience our trips and visits when COVID allows us to safely do so. As a school, we will always try to ensure that the voluntary contribution of trips is spread out across the children's time at Auriol. If you have an enquiry about pupil premium funding for our trips, please contact the school office.

As well as organised trips at educational centres and visitors, we also take our children out into the local area to explore the treasures around. In Stoneleigh alone, we take the children to the Hindu Temple for RE, local parks to investigate the wildlife and habitats, Auriol allotments as part of a Year 5 topic and the Hogsmill River in Year 3 as part of understanding how rivers form and the land use around them. 

If you have specific knowledge or expertise that links with any of our particular topics, or know of anyone that can help to enrich our children's learning experience, please get in touch with one of our year group leaders.

Residential Trips

It is important for our children to experience time away from home, gaining independence and other important life skills. When the current climate allows, our children will attend a 2 day residential in Year 4 and a 4 night residential in Year 6. These trips are optional, but are an incredibly valuable experience for our children. 

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