At Auriol, we are passionate about reading and we work hard to ensure that our children share that same enthusiasm. Children will study a class text in their Guided Reading lessons each term, applying explicitly taught comprehension strategies and skills to understand what they are reading and answer a range of challenging questions. They also have access to an extensive selection of books in our library and spend time in school reading both independently and to our staff. Children are able to test their comprehension by quizzing on books they have read on Accelerated Reader. Class teachers will also spend time enjoying a text chosen based on the children's interests in their DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read). We also have a range of high quality texts in every year groups so that children can apply their reading across the curriculum to deepen their knowledge and understanding across all subjects. Our carefully planned programme of intervention and scaffolding means that we can support children is they need any additional support both when learning to read and reading to learn.

Challenge : Through challenging and engaging class texts, deep questioning and carefully selected individual books, we ensure a high level of challenge for all readers.

Inspire : Using a mixture of texts, films and visuals that inspire and scaffold our readers we develop a school wide love and  a confidence in reading both individually and across the wider curriculum.

Prepare : We teach explicit comprehension strategies and skills so that children acquire reading skills that prepare them for life and future learning.


Subject Leaders: Miss Brown & Mrs Lee

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