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We have used the "Maths no problem" approach in our school for 6 years. This is a Singapore based approach to Mathematics and allows pupils to explore visually, pictorally and abstractly in order to explore and grasp mathematical concepts. It is extremely important that children are able to have the basic foundations of mathematics in order to build new blocks on top of this. By encouraging the children to explore with manipulatives and find their own methods, they take ownership for their Maths and create a love for learning. 


Challenge:  We encourage a culture of experimenting visually, pictorially and abstractly in a supportive yet challenging classroom. Children should be able to make rich connections across ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and the ability to solve increasingly sophisticated problems.

Inspire: We give our children the freedom and confidence to explore their own ideas and methods in the safety of a supportive learning environment to create an enjoyment of the subject.

Prepare:  We embed fluency and accuracy in arithmetic to equip children for mental calculations in the real world. Auriol children will be able to transfer and apply their mathematical knowledge to other subject areas and real life contexts, preparing them for their next steps.

For further information, please see our progression map below.

Subject Leader: Miss Gannicott


AuriolBET 002[1]

Subject Documents Date  
Maths Progression Map 22nd Feb 2022 Download
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