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We encourage our children to take part in hands on practical investigations to be able to test variables and hypotheses to enrich their learning experience. Our enquiry based curriculum encourages children to question the world around them and the way things work. 

Challenge: Our science curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that a breadth of skills and knowledge are embedded into long term memory. We encourage the use of critical thinking and problem solving skills through exploration and scientific investigation.

Inspire: We continually develop a sense of understanding and curiosity about the world around us, today and in the future. 

Prepare: Relevant cross-curricular links with Mathematics and English provide a real life context to our curriculum that prepare children for the application science in their future lives.

For further information, please see our Science progression map below. 

Subject Leader: Mrs Hughes


AuriolBET 097[1]

Subject Documents Date  
Science Progression Map 22nd Feb 2022 Download
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